The Power of the Cross: Day 4

The Cross and your mission

“and walk in love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering 
and sacrifice to God.” —Ephesians 5:2

Are you familiar with the story of Florence Nightingale? Regarded as the founder of modern nursing, she served as a nurse in a British military hospital during the Crimean War. You can imagine the pain, suffering, and devastation she faced in an army hospital during a war.

Into that brokenness Florence Nightingale brought compassion, healing, and hope as she made the rounds every night to care for wounded soldiers. She earned the nickname “the Lady with the Lamp” because patients would often spot her carrying a lamp at night as she went through the hospital caring for the sick and sitting with the lonely long after the staff had gone to bed.

Florence Nightingale had a clear vision of her mission in life, and she pursued that mission with determination.

In today’s passage in Ephesians 5:2, we see the mission to which Christians have been called. We are to

“ walk in love, just as Christ loved us.”

When we experience Jesus, we are welcomed into His familyand into His mission.

You’ve probably heard the phrase hurt people hurt people. That phrase described us for too long. But no longer. As those who have been loved by God, we love. As those who have been healed by God, we ask for God to heal.

Like Florence Nightingale, we are to carry a light to the sick, hurting, and lonely. The light of Christ, which carries the power to drive out the darkness of hurt and pain.

When you and I embrace that mission and pursue it with intention, God sees it as an offering to Him. Our love for others, demonstrated in tangible ways, rises to Heaven and pleases God like a sweet perfume.

As you look to the cross, may you hear the calling to walk in love and give your life in the service of others.

Dear God, thank you for inviting me to be part of your mission to bring love, hope, and healing to this broken world through Jesus. Help me to give of myself for the sake of others so that they too can experience your love and turn their hearts to you. Amen.

– Nick Hall

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